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Company   profile

Company profile

    Liaoning Yi County Chengguan township Hongrui agricultural machinery factorySpecializing in the production of various agricultural machinery products, with many years of production history and rich production experience, the main products include: multi-function seeder, on-demand seeder,Peanut precision planterCorn precision planterHigh quality, strong production capacity, strong technical force。

    The company is located in the famous city of the western Liaoning Corridor - Yixian County, close to 204 provincial highway and Jinfu Expressway, east of Lu Mountain, south of the Bohai Sea, the location advantage is obvious, is an important area of Liaoning coastal economic development and opening, but also an important node of the national "Belt and Road" China-Mongolian-Russia economic corridor。Connecting Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei in the south, Inner Mongolia in the north, Shenjihei in the east, the geographical location is unique, and the transportation and communication are extremely convenient...

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News   center

  • 2023-08-31 How to adjust the amount of seed under the corn planter?
    Adjust the dial of the seed feeder of the corn drill upward, adjust the number of grains downward, and adjust the number of seeds upward。...
  • 2023-08-31 Safety rules for corn planters during seeding operations
    When sowing mixed seeds, the staff should wear goggles, masks and gloves and other protective equipment。The remaining seeds after sowing should be properly disposed of and strictly prohibited to eat to prevent human and animal poisoning......
  • 2023-08-31 The use of corn planter points
    Corn seeder has uniform seeding。Consistent in depth。Stable row spacing, good soil cover, seed saving。High work efficiency。...
  • 2023-08-31 How is corn planter sowing shallow?
    No matter how the tractor suspension is adjusted, the corn drill seeding operation is always too shallow and may ignore this key part, "drill ditcher"。...